Be the Change

The world is changing. We, are changing, whether we realize it or not. We have become disconnected and are evolving in a way that keeps us isolated from actual physical connection. Instead of real interaction we use Face Time and Facebook as our only means to connect, and somehow believe that is ok.  Things are […]

Living After Life Force Energy Healing

  I was a depressed 45-year-old woman maybe going through my mid-life crisis, or maybe just a 45-year-old woman in crisis. For the first time in my life, I felt out of control, like my life was suddenly moving faster with more parts that needed fixing then I could fix in time.  Anxiety and panic […]

PTSD, A Civilian’s Story

I am just a regular person. I feel, I love, I laugh, I hurt. I am a wife and mother, an average soul with different life experiences. I am like you; an advocate, supporter, leader and volunteer. I am a private fighter, a trooper, a veteran of challenges, a champion of pain and a warrior in […]

Mom, Dad! Cancer’s Here!

“Don’t open the door, unless you know who it is!” We teach our kids, “not to open the door to strangers”, we are quick to signal a no thank you, not a good time or not interested, to a knock from a salesperson, donation collector or the annoying kid down the street. When a loved one […]

The Day We Saw No Breast

I remember the cold white tiles of the bathroom floor below my feet. My arms held my robe closed tight. I stared at my feet and recall being grateful for my toes, all ten. I stared at my hands and my fingers as they somehow fell folded, closed perfectly. I realized I was praying. I […]

Sick Parents Don’t Know What They Need

  Don’t say it.  Don’t say, “Let me know what you need”.   I remember when people would say, “Hey, let me know what you need”, “Let me know what I can do to help”.  I wanted to say to them, “Yeah, let me just add that to the long-ass list of my to do’s. […]

It’s Not About the Boobs!

It always seems to be about the boobs, headlights, breasts, tata’s, knockers, watermelons, cupcakes, t*t’s, whatever you want to call them. I remember mine never being perfect, well at least in my eyes. I spent a good portion of my teens wishing them different. After children, forget it. Imagine 2 latex balloons, at first they […]